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  Skin Renewal Facial  
  • Is a mini-facial that include cleansing, exfoliating, toning and a face mask to get your skin back into shape and balance.
60mins $58
  Skin Anti-Imperfection Treatment Facial  
  • This facial banishes dull skin, reduce the size of the pores, refined skin texture. Ultimately, achieved a clean, clear and fresh-faced look.
75mins $88
  Skin Recovery Treatment Facial  
  • This treatment boost skin defense system, soothe and protect skin from environment aggressions.
75mins $88
  Skin Radiance Treatment Facial  
  • This facial helps to retain moisture and increase hydration to the skin cells, giving back youthful appearance of the skin.
75mins $88
  Skin Rejuvenation Treatment Facial  
  • This facial helps to regain the skin youth by firming up the skin tissues and hydrates the skin. Keeping your skin hydrated will help keep the skin moist and stop hydration.
75mins $88
  Centella Signature Facial - LED Mask  
  • LED (low energy light technology) stimulates specific physiological functions of the skin to heal damaged cells. This treatment improves skin tone, texture and radiance, skin becomes smoother, fuller and plump stimulate.
90mins $138
  Centella Signature Facial – Diamond Peel  
  • This facial exfoliates your skin by using multi-degree diamond tipped wand through continuous scrubbing and vacuuming the top-most layer of the skin.
90mins $138
  Aromatic Calming Facial  
  • This aromatic treatment offer immediate comfort to stressed, dehydrated and irritated skin. It helps to relieve redness and rebalance delicate fragile, sensitive complexion.
90mins $138
  Aromatic Luminous Facial  
  • This Aromatic luminous treatment, intensely exfoliate the skin, improve skin texture, lighten pigmentation to give a luminous complexion.
90mins $138
  Aromatic Purifying Facial  
  • This Aromatic purifying treatment, detoxify, improve skin texture, shrinks pores size and promotes clarity to the skin.
90mins $138
  Aromatic Age Reverse Facial  
  • This Aromatic Age Reverse Facial creates an instant and visible tightening effect on the sagging skin.
90mins $138
  Centella Signature Facial – Oxygen  
  • Experience a dramatic make over of your skin as this treatment has been formulated to achieve deep hydration and detoxification. Your skin will look instantly smoother, firmer and more radiant!
90mins $220
  Organic Centella Stem Cell Facial  
  • Centella Stem Cell facial is the secret to youthful looking skin. This magnificent facial restores your skin's natural vitality, helping it glow, tone and retain skin moisture again. You can feel the difference in your skin right after one session, your skin becomes supple and radiant, and this look continue to last for days.
120mins $250
  Centella Signature Facial – Micro-Needling  
  • Collagen Induction Therapy is a medical beauty to create microscopic holes or tiny dermal punctures in the skin, it stimulates new tissues regeneration and natural production of collagen fibres. Given you a more youthful smooth skin.
90mins $250
  Sparking Eye and Eye Lashed Treatment – Gua Sha  
  • This treatment helps the delicate eye area to reduce the appearance of dark circles, eye-puffiness and fine lines, it also helps to strengthen the lashes and prevent falling of lashes.
60mins $80
  Relaxing Eye Treatment  
  • This treatment improves blood circulation on the eye contour area and preventing puffiness, dark circles and fine lines.
45mins $68
  Neck Reaffirming Treatment  
  • Reduce lines and moisturizes the neck. This treatment brings firmness and elasticity to the delicate tissue of the neck and décolletage. An effective protection and noticeably reduces the appearance of existing wrinkles and fine lines.
40mins $88

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